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Are You Ready to
Face The Reelality?

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Welcome to Reelality

This is your 4 weeks program that will allow you to become extra visible and allow your million dollar self to shine through.


Get ready to become a REEL EXPERT and to see your business flourish and grow the way you ALWAYS knew it could. Were going to be going over ALL the secrets of video marketing you need to know to get all the eyes on your biz. 


I know you are telling yourself this is the program you've been looking for. You see SO MANY accounts killing it with reels online and you know your one of them.


I want to help you let the REAL YOU shine through.  


In the words of Beyonce “ shining shining shining yeh”

Desiree Gauthier

Reels are the hottest thing on the block. People spend hours and hours nonstop watching reels. Are you ready to create extremely profitable reels for your business?
Say Hello to consistent sales and engaged clients.

If you ladies dont know me yet...

My name is Desiree and best believe that your success is my main focus.

I have successfully built a product based business and sold over a million dollar in products after 6 years of hard work and intense mentorship and I KNOW for a fact that if REELS existed when I first launched M.A SKINZ it would've been a different ball game. 

HERquarters which is my coaching business is a little over a year old and has already seen over 6 figures of revenue



The power of showing my face and personality

Being visible daily for my clients and allowing them to not only learn daily but also get to know me is definitely part of my secret sauce.


REELS are a BIG part of my success which is why I want to put you Ladies on.  


CHA CHING... Hello Cashflow.

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About Desiree

Ladies, hear me out...

I started using REELS for my businesses late in the game and BEST BELIEVE I regret it.


REELS are the new IG addiction, will keep your client hooked from the start and a master closer for your service or product based empire. 

If at the moment you are anything like the old me... 


✸ You struggle creating content that convert


✸ You have amazing ideas but your clients are not interacting with you the way you know they could


✸ Dreaming of high cash flow months without having to constantly show up on Instagram


✸ You want new & engaged clients that will eventually turn into super fans 


...then this program is definitely for you.

This is your four weeks program that will allow
you to become
extra visible and have your
Million Dollar Self to shine through.

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The TRANSFORMATION you will receive from joining this program:

  ✔ Rocketing number of Reels share and engagement


  More and more leads in your comments and DM 


A wider audience base and a broader scope for your business and scope


Higher revenues which we all know means more moulah

Become a pro at everything transition, music and content planning

Become the real BOSS you were meant to be in front of the camera

Features and value: 
Let's transform you into a REELS QUEEN

week one: 
Plan and Shoot

 How to create 

✸ Get behind the camera

Instagram reel planning template

✸ How to save music & find trending sounds

✸ Voiceovers option

✸ Editing hacks

✸ Adding Text

✸ Importance of saving drafts in camera roll

✸ Importance of Cover images

week three:
Stepping it up a Notch

✸ Tips & tricks for going VIRAL

✸ What's trending

✸ How to create transitions

✸ Adding effects & filters

week two:
Content Queen

✸ Master the 4 MUST DO for reels

✸ How to generate endless content

✸ Ideas for the introvert user (creating reels without showing your face)

✸ Which music to use & trending sounds

✸ Importance of BATCH creating

✸ Repurposing content 

✸ Common Mistakes

✸ Reels checklist

week four:
Let's Get to The Bag

✸ How to add reels to your marketing campaign

✸ How to promote in reels

✸ The art of selling without selling

✸ Finding your niche and how to reach your ideal clients

whats included
"Reels are merely a fad and will lose their charm shortly."

That’s not at all true. As our attention and interest ranges are becoming increasingly short day by day, video marketing has proven to capture the audience's attention as well as build confidence and trust factor.

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"Reels are all about dancing..."

The social media game is totally different, and there is no fixed set of rules. The same goes with reels. REEALITY is all about creating content, without necessarily having to dance, that matches your personality and resonates with your business tone.

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"Reels are not meant for me and my business niche."

IG reels benefits equivalently to everyone, no matter what industry they belong to. All you have to do is twitch your plan to ensure that you remain true to your brand voice and don't compromise on your originality and authenticity.

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what is 
Inside The Program

Inside the program

Four Weekly Live Calls

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Because I'm all about connecting with my clients in real time and answering all your juicy questions so you become reel experts. Each live call will end with a live coaching & Q&A .

$1600 VALUE

Pre-recorded Modules

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 6.30.07 PM.png

I'm going to be creating top tier content so you aren't overwhelmed and feeling lost inside the program. Every week will go over a different part of Video Marketing so you become THE guru in your niche.


$2000 VALUE

Weekly Pdf Material

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 7.26.13 PM.png

I want all of you ladies to actually DO the work; therefore im going to leave you with ultimately the cheat sheet to your REEL exam which is obviously you implementing all that you know on your Instagram.

Every week you will receive detailed material to print and hold for the next live call 


$1200 VALUE

Private Community with Lifetime Access

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 7.26.53 PM.png

Because we all NEED Business bestie especially as your creating your 6 or 7 figures self.  Having a that support system is one of the most important elements to you staying on track and feeling inspired. Keeping in touch is so important and is definitely part of this course core value


$2000 VALUE

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 Value of the Program


The Investment

Pay in Full

one payment


Payment Plan

2 x payment


Flex Plan

4 x payment


Vip Add-on


✸ Done for you reels templates ($947 value)

✸ Full Voxer chat support

What Client's are Saying

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